Why You Need a Wedding Videographer

Over the last few years in the wedding business, I have had numerous conversations with potential brides who have said things like, "I'm not sure I want a videographer," or, "I haven't decided between a videographer or a photographer," and many other variations of these concerns.

1. I want to start by clarifying that wedding videography is an investment. It's not just another expense on your wedding checklist, and it's not a detail that will be forgotten years after your wedding. You are making an investment in preserving the memory of all of the other details you have spent so much money, time, and energy on. Wedding videography captures emotion and special moments that photography alone can't capture through motion. (We love photographers and want you to hire one of those, too!) Many brides will say that their wedding day was a blur - make an investment that will preserve the moments and allow you to relive them in a not-so-blurry state.

Videography is an investment to preserve the details, events, and memories you have spent money on for your wedding day.

2. Videography captures the sounds of your wedding day. You've worked hard on your vows, your Best Man and Maid of Honor have worked hard on their heart-felt toasts, and your aunt has practiced reciting the poem chosen for your ceremony. These moments are special, but fleeting, and it's important to have them preserved so you can hear them again, on your 5th, 25th, or even 50th anniversary.

Videography preserves the sounds of your wedding day, including vows and toasts.

3. The bride, the groom, and your guests can only be in one place at a time. Hiring a videographer may not make you omnipresent, but it does allow you to see things that you weren't able to see on your wedding day. A bride can see her groom getting ready, a groom can see his bride getting ready, and both can see moments like the flower girl coming down the aisle and guests enjoying the cocktail hour.

Videography allows you to experience moments that you weren't present for on your wedding day.

There are many more reasons why you should hire a videographer. If the few above don't convince you, we'd love to share more - just shoot us a message. If you have realized that videography is a must-have, contact us now so we can reserve your date. Dates filling fast, so you won't want to wait.

By Jordan Loscher, owner & cinematographer